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Polar Star Inn 3-30-16

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:14 pm
by jckeeler
Great overnight to the Polar Star Inn. We took the road from Yeoman Park to Fulford: 2 hours. Then another 1.5 hours up a smaller trail to get to the hut. Others took the Newcomer Spring Trail from Yeoman's. We went down that way: prettier but it was a bit rotted out at the bottom. (In hindsight we probably would have gone UP Newcomer's and come DOWN by the road rather than vice versa). A lot of traversing, each way.

Skiing from the hut was amazing. It snowed consistently while we were there and the laps on NY Mt. were awesome. It took about 50 mins to skin up to the "stake" above treeline. Keep to skier's left when coming down. Then stay left again into another snow field. It took about 20 mins to skin back up.

Shawn, the owner/caretaker, was great and really helpful. This was a great hut experience and not to be missed.