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Broome Hut 12/20 & 21/2013

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:29 pm
by wjblazek
This was a routine trip to the new Broome hut with a group of friends and friends of friends.
I had not been to this new hut yet so it was about time.
I've stayed at all the other 10th Mtn huts except Broome and
the other newest hut, Point Breeze. So that is the only one left to do.

We had the whole hut booked and
stayed Fri and Sat nights and since everyone had different schedules on Friday,
and the route to the hut so short, we all just met at the hut.
I went up with one other person and met one other at the TH at ~7:30PM Fri and
skied and snowshoed in together.
It was snowing pretty good when we left the TH but we had no problem following the route.
The route is well marked with Blue Diamonds and black/red bamboo poles.

We were warned by 10th Mtn and signs at the TH about recent car break-ins at the TH.
Fortunately the thieves took this week off.
Maybe it was the weather.
It snowed all weekend except for a short time late Fri night - early Sat AM.

Saturday, the skiers went up to the ridge and over to Mary Jane and skied down the runs there.
They met at the bottom and had shuttled a car there Fri to drive back to the TH.

The snowshoers did a trip up to the ridge and back.
A couple also did a quick trip back down to the TH to check on the cars.

Sat evening we all had a great feast.
Sunday we were up and gone by ~9AM and back to the cars before 10AM.
It was still snowing.

Another great hut trip.

I also had great cell phone service, 4-5 bars, with AT&T at the TH and the hut.
Others with Verizon didn't have any service at all.