Request for Sisters Hut Report

Please share your trip reports here.
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Request for Sisters Hut Report

Post by ngorak »

Hi! Has anyone been up to Sisters Hut this year? Or have any insight/suggestions from previous trips? Thank you!
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Re: Request for Sisters Hut Report

Post by wjblazek »

I have done 2 trips to Sisters: Jan 2022 and Jan 2023.
Both were great, 2 night trips.

Sisters is a nice new modern hut with great views from large windows,
very efficient wood burning stove, a great kitchen, and indoor composting toilets.

Oh, don't forget something to wear in the sauna!
It takes a good hour to get heated up enough to use, but worth it!

The GPX track from French Gulch is accurate and will take you right there.
If there hasn't been a lot of recent snowfall, there can be lots of different tracks,
going every which way, up through the switchbacks above the Sally-Barber Mine.
The whole area is heavily traveled with locals skiing to many different destinations and/or
cutting the switchbacks.
IIRC, it would be nice if there were a few more blue diamonds because of all the heavy traffic in the area.
So route-finding can be a little confusing so just follow the GPX track.

There is also great backcountry skiing/snowshoeing up on the far North face of Bald Mtn, right above the hut.
But be VERY mindful and cautious of avy danger above timberline.

Note the parking permit requirements listed in the link on the hut page.

Definitely a great hut worthy of at least a 2 night stay.
Any other more specific questions?
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Re: Request for Sisters Hut Report

Post by Pandora L »

Do you know if there is any cell service at Sisters? Thanks!
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