Uncle Bud's to 10th Mtn Div hut ski tour questions

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Uncle Bud's to 10th Mtn Div hut ski tour questions

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Hello everyone!

Myself and 2 friends are planning on a hut trip and have some questions. We plan on starting at Turquoise lake trailhead on 1/28 and skiing to Uncle Buds. Spending the night there. Then backcountry travel to 10th Mtn Div Hut and staying there 1/29. Finishing at Crane Park trailhead.

  1. Is there a local bus that runs along the Hwy 24 so we can return to the car? Other shuttle options? Is uber easily available?
  2. We are novice backcountry skiiers (but not new to the outdoors)- is this doable?
    • I see on the availability page that both huts have room on 1/29 so we could pivot and drop the backcountry traverse and simply spend 2 nights at one of the huts, if you recommend this should we drop 10th Mtn Hut or Uncle Buds hut?
  3. Does anyone want to join us? I have 3 extra spots.

Maybe relevant information:
  • I am not totally new to huts, I have snowshoed to Fritz and stayed at the europahütte in switzeralnd in the summer
  • I have been skiing and snowboarding (mostly snowboarding) since young age, but never done backcountry. I am taking a backcountry ski class in lake tahoe this christmas and skiing for 3 days to brush up on my skiing
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