Shuttle Copper Mtn to Jackal TH 3/10 or 3/13

This is a place for people looking to carpool to or from the trailheads or the different classes we offer. Or for people looking to share a hotel/motel room the night before a class or hut trip.
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Shuttle Copper Mtn to Jackal TH 3/10 or 3/13

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Two of us are looking for rideshare/shuttle options from Copper Mountain to Camp Hale for our 3 night trip in March. We'll be spending 2 nights at Jackal and 1 night at Janet's before descending into Copper. Ideal would be a rideshare to the trailhead on Tuesday morning if anyone is going that way. Let me know if you are driving to Jackal TH that day and would be able to accommodate 2 more.

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Re: Shuttle Copper Mtn to Jackal TH 3/10 or 3/13

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Hi, I just ran across your post here from 3 years ago, and I'm curious about how that trip went going from Jackal to Janet's. A friend and I did Copper to Janet's to Jackal in 2019, and it was pretty rough with bad weather and route finding. We couldn't find any documented routes but obviously went over Searle Pass then down a sketchy avalanche slope. I think this is a very rare path between huts. We even planned to go from Jackal to Fowler-Hilliard to Shrine Mtn. (4 huts in 4 days) but came up short. If you have any insight or details to share I'd like to hear it, thanks, Ron
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