Eiseman Hut Reports?

Please share your trip reports here.
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Eiseman Hut Reports?

Post by NM_Splitboarder »

Anyone been to Eiseman hut this year? Looking for general info on the trail conditions and whether or not a pull sled is a wise decision. Also any info on the amenities (cooking, coffee making, etc.) would be appreciated! Feel free to send me a DM if you don't want to post. Thanks!
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Re: Eiseman Hut Reports?

Post by Danno »

I haven't been this year, but I have been many times. Pulling a sled up Spraddle Creek would be quite difficult under any conditions; the section right after you cross the creek, and the last 1/2 mile, would be pretty brutal. The Red Sandstone route, however, would be fairly easy in that respect, as it's all road. Though personally I hate going up Red Sandstone, it's just so long and gradual.

As for hut amenities, it is the same as the "standard" 10th Mt hut, two sets of propane burners, a wood stove for baking if you're adventurous, plenty of pots and pans to make food for an army, coffee via percolators (so coarse ground coffee works best).
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